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Daylight Metrics: The What, How, and Why Should I Care

This is a past event
Thursday, Oct 8, 2015 9:00 am to Thursday, Oct 8, 2015 10:30 am

Building Energy Exchange

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This is an excerpt about the importance of metrics from Daylight Metrics: The What, How, and Why Should I Care. 

This is a past event. 

Understanding the metrics of daylight performance is crucial to the design and operation of any lighting system that hopes to integrate daylight. In 2013, the Illuminating Engineering Society approved a method to calculate a new set of climate-based daylight metrics to evaluate daylit spaces: Spatial Daylight Autonomy and Annual Sun Penetration. This method has been adopted in LEED v4.0 and is expected to be utilized by other consensus-based codes and standards that promote better daylit spaces. 

These metrics, based on research and occupant/expert assessments for real spaces, provide designers a tool to more effectively describe, evaluate, and improve the performance of their daylighting designs. 

Attendees will:

  • Understand how the IES climate-based daylight metrics were developed
  • Know how to use Spatial Daylight Autonomy and Annual Sun Penetration metrics during design
  • Learn about different software tools to calculate metrics
  • Learn about several successful applications of the metric
Mudit Saxena of Vistar Energy Consulting and Jack Bailey of ONELUXStudio will discuss their experience on utilizing and calculating daylight metrics to design effective lighting systems. Mr. Saxena is an internationally recognized expert in daylighting and lighting research, and his work has led to the development of various building energy codes and standards. Mr. Bailey is an industry-leading lighting designer and is involved in drafting the new International Green Construction Code. 

Mudit Saxena, Principal, Vistar Energy Consulting
Jack Bailey, Partner, ONELUXStudio

BEEx is proud to collaborate with MechoSystems for this event.

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