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Glazing + Comfort: Presentation on New Research

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Friday, May 13, 2016 9:00 am to Friday, May 13, 2016 10:30 am

Building Energy Exchange

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This is the full video recording of Glazing + Comfort. 

Join BEEx for a presentation of new research on the widely misunderstood impact of glazing selection on thermal comfort. Alejandra Menchaca, from the highly regarded Boston firm Payette, will travel to NYC to present their research findings on how the impact of glazing selection can positively impact thermal comfort while reducing perimeter heating system requirements in the winter time.

In our current paradigm, air temperature stands in as the primary metric of thermal comfort, with set points driving selection and sizing of mechanical systems. Any potential thermal comfort issues due to shortcomings in envelope performance are typically compensated with perimeter heating, further increasing the energy consumption of the building. This model is due for reconsideration. A better understanding of how thermal comfort is affected by different glazing performance criteria and geometries would allow architects and engineers to make better informed decisions when selecting a glazing scenario before it’s too late.

This talk will address two factors when designing glazed openings in cold climates: radiant discomfort and downdraft discomfort, and how each correlates to the glazing U-value, window geometry and the need for perimeter heating. It will cover the physics of glazing heat loss and its impact on comfort, as well as the decision-making process that needs to be followed to ensure a comfortable environment early in the design. In particular, Alejandra will address the impact that room-side low-e coatings, which significantly reduce the U-value of a glazing unit, can have on potential risk of downdraft.

Following the presentations Yetsuh Frank from BEEx will pose a few questions, with time left for discussion with the audience as well.

Alejandra Menchaca, PhD, LEED AP
Senior Building Scientist | Associate

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