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Lighting the Way: Innovation & Application of Lighting Retrofits

A BE-Ex forum
Friday, May 26, 2017 9:00 am to Friday, May 26, 2017 10:30 am

Building Energy Exchange

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This is the full program of Lighting the Way: Innovation & Application of Lighting Retrofits on May 26, 2017. For more videos, navigate to Event Resources above.

To celebrate the completion of the Living Lab: Advanced Lighting Retrofit Demonstration project at Goldman Sachs, please join the Building Energy Exchange for the publication of Lighting the Way- a new lighting retrofit resource for decision makers looking to understand their lighting upgrade options.

View the full Lighting the Way resources page here.

Developed to test-bed retrofitted lighting systems in occupied spaces, the Living Lab project organized the installation of advanced lighting and shading systems on a single floor of Goldman Sach’s flagship building, 200 West Street.  Working with the Building Science group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, multiple lighting, control and shading systems were selected from a public “Call for Technology.”  Goldman Sachs organized the installation of these systems, LBNL monitored their performance, and BE-Ex catalogued the lessons learned from each phase.  BE-Ex, Goldman Sachs and LBNL will describe the technology installed, the challenges encountered, and the performance seen to date.

The many lessons uncovered during the Living Lab project have formed the backbone of the Lighting the Way playbook, which describes the full spectrum of lighting system retrofits, from simple “plug and play” component replacement to the integrated application of smart, dynamic systems.  This resource carefully outlines the critical components of successful lighting retrofits and provides guidance on the selection of LED fixtures, as well as control and automated shading systems.

To discuss the Lighting the Way playbook, we have invited one of the most highly experienced service providers in this field, Adam Procell of LIME energy.  With 20+ years experience implementing energy efficiency retrofits for small businesses, Mr. Procell will guide us through a discussion of the challenges of the retrofit market and the future of lighting systems in existing buildings.

Please join this discussion about the future of lighting systems in existing buildings.

Adam Procell, CEO, LIME Energy

Yetsuh Frank, BE-Ex
Caitlin Early, Goldman Sachs
Eleanor Lee, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Steve Selkowitz, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

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