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Public Health and the Urban Environment

A private event
Monday, Feb 27, 2017 10:00 am to Monday, Feb 27, 2017 2:00 pm

Building Energy Exchange

About the Event

Regional Plan Association hosts Public Health and the Urban Environment.

Policy leaders from the health, environment and urban planning worlds are meeting to discuss policies at the intersection of health and the built environment. This includes policies to address cumulative negative environmental impacts on vulnerable communities in the age of climate change; how technologies will change streets and how sensors, etc. can make streets healthier, and how to reform planning decision making.

Breakouts will focus on the following topics:

Healthy streets and public spaces

This discussion will focus on opportunities and challenges for creating healthy, people focused streets and public spaces in a time of significant technological change. What should the health goals of street and public space policies be? Are there opportunities for pilots and testing out new ideas? What principles should guide how we govern and manage our streets and public spaces to ensure effective and healthy outcomes?

Incorporating health into local planning decision making
This discussion will focus on creating an efficient, integrated and predictable local planning and approvals process. How do we incorporate health into the process? What are opportunities to institutionalize health impact assessments (HIAs) into planning?  

Healthy neighborhood environments in the face of climate change
Many low income communities of color bear disproportionate environmental burdens such as bad air quality and toxins in the water and soil. Climate change and the increased flooding and heat that will come with it, risks increasing this burden of cumulative environmental impacts that may have many negative impacts on health. How can we address the environmental burdens of today while preparing for those of tomorrow?

This private event is organized by Regional Plan Association and is closed to the public.

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