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Beacon of Light

This is a past event
Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014 9:00 am to Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014 11:00 am

Building Energy Exchange

About the Event

Please note that this is a past event. 

Con Edison and NYSERDA recently unveiled the Demand Management Program - a package of enhanced incentives for implementation of energy conservation measures that provide significant peak demand reductions. With a mid-2016 deadline for completed projects, lighting retrofits are among the most attractive options for accessing these incentives.

Join Green Light New York for Beacon of Light, a program jointly developed with Con Edison, NYSERDA and NYCEEC to explore the opportunities and challenges of retrofitting lighting systems to reduce peak load. NYCEEC is a non-profit lender that seeks to drive clean energy projects in New York City through its financing solutions. NYCEEC's mission is to support the City's energy and climate action goals by catalyzing the retrofit financing market for private building owners. 

Our speakers will:
  • Describe the parameters of the incentive program, including the required M&V components;
  • Outline the most effective lighting retrofit solutions;
  • Present a case study demonstrating a successful project; and
  • Provide guidance on how smaller projects can "aggregate" demand reductions to participate in the incentive program; and
  • Explain how NYCEEC financing can get more projects done. 

Con Edison, NYSERDA, and NYCEEC will have multiple representatives on hand to answer questions and guide event participants on the new Demand Management Program and NYCEEC's financing solutions.

Learn more about DMP here:

Learn more about NYCEEC here:


Jennifer Dowd, NYSERDA
Tim Lezgus, Con Edison
Michael Ishesiaba, Con Edison
JP Bedell, SDA Lighting
Pat McChesney, INF Associates
Harry Charalambides, Willdan Energy Solutions on behalf of NYCEEC


8:30     Registration
9:00     Introduction
9:05     DMP Overview and Discussion
9:30     Case Study: Lighting Technologies and Advances in Controls Technology
9:50     Aggregation Case Study
10:05   Financing Opportunities
10:15   Q&A
10:30   Networking
11:00   Close 


This invite-only program is organized and administered by Con Edison, NYSERDA, and NYCEEC. If you'd like to participate, please email us here and we will forward the information to them. 


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