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Daylighting Handbook I: Fundamentals Designing with the Sun (2014) is the first volume in Christopher Reinhart's daylighting handbook series. Organized into two parts, this handbook focuses on the integration of daylighting strategies into sustainable building design. 

It adequately describes the physical characteristics of the sun and the human eye, lays out the design fundamentals of allowing daylight to guide the massing and shading of a project, and describes the tools available to guide analysis. Reinhart's first handbook compiles valuable diagrams, methodologies, and information to incorporate daylighting strategies into sustainable building design concepts. 

A copy of the daylighting handbook is available in the Building Energy Exchange library.

Reinhart, Christoph. Daylighting Handbook I: Fundamentals Designing with the Sun. USA, 2014


“Sites with latitudes below 50° have the potential to daylight interior spaces during over 80% of core commercial hours annually. These locations house over 90% of the world's population.”
page 59, Daylighting Handbook I

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