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Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is an initiative of the New York Public Services Commission. It aims to encourage more sustainable energy use by transforming how New York State produces, manages, and consumes electric energy. Regulatory change will promote an increase in scale of renewable and distributed energy resources and advanced energy management products. A Staff Report and Proposal released in April 2014 describes the initiative's goals and plans for action. Six policy objectives were identified as key factors needed to accomplish REV goals:

1. Customer knowledge and awareness

2. Market animation

3. System-wide efficiency

4. Fuel and resource diversity

5. System reliability and resiliency

6. Carbon reduction

REV seeks to accomplish these initiatives through two tracks:

1. Track one will focus on the role of distribution utilities in order to promote load management and increased system efficiency.

2. Track two will happen concurrently (but on a later timeline) and will seek to change current regulatory, tariff, and market designs and incentive structures to accomplish the program's goals.

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