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Welcome to the Building Energy Exchange Resource Gateway!

This Gateway features technical and educational resources for professionals in the energy efficiency industry, to connect our community with resources and tools to successfully implement strategies, technologies, and initiatives towards energy conservation and reduction in the built environment.

The Gateway's resources are categorized by these core strategies:


  • Daylighting - Harvesting the sun's energy through design planning and advanced lighting controls systems
  • Lighting Controls - Technologies for lighting systems to assess a space's environment and react effectively towards energy reduction
  • Lighting Fundamentals - Lighting and design basics
  • Lighting Retrofits - Upgrades to more energy efficient lighting system technologies in a defined space



  • Codes and Regulations - Codes and regulations set by federal, state, and municipal entities to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency strategies and technologies
  • Standards - Standards for the application and implementation of energy conservation and reduction strategies
  • Tools/Guides - Resources to effectively implement strategic energy management programs and systems

To suggest a resource to be featured in the Gateway, please email us.


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