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Prepared by Global Energy Partners, LLC
June 2010

Residents of Manhattan, the Bronx, and northern Queens purchase their oil, gas, steam, and electricity utilities from Con Ed. This study provides a comprehensive and realistic assessment of the available energy savings that will be made possible by viable energy efficiency measures through 2018. The primary objectives include (1) collecting primary data from Con Edison customers to reflect the most representative estimates of energy equipment and consumption (2) developing baseline energy profiles, consumption, and forecasts for each market segment, and (3) estimating technical, economic, and achievable potentials.

The overview energy use by sector and fuel is shown below:

   This study presents the unique challenges faced by ConEd in realizing the potential for energy reduction:  
  1. Con Edison's customers use four major fuels, which adds to the complexity of the marketplace and to energy efficiency programs and initiatives. Most utilities have two (or at most three) fuels. 
  2. Building composition of mixed-used buildings are difficult to determine, which presents challenges in determining energy consumption and potential savings.

  3. Individual residential unit energy consumption is lower than that in other areas, particularly in the large multifamily segment. However, individual units collectively account for about 50% of energy consumption in the residential market and hold the highest overall electrical savings. 

  4. There are two very different regions in ConEd's territory: dense urban communities such as those located in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, and residential and suburban communities found in Westchester County and Staten Island.

  5. A significant portion of ConEd's service territory is made up of leased buildings, which all have different systems for utility payment. Lease agreements may also act as barriers to energy reduction.

Ultimately, the study provides a realistic assessment of available energy savings that can be obtained through 2018.

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