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The Handbook for Co-ops and Condos, published by the NYC Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, explains how multifamily buildings can reduce their building's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and reviews the process and benefits of the most common retrofits for buildings in this sector. The handbook includes techniques for reaching consensus, basics of energy efficiency, and incentives and financing available in New York City. 

Co-ops and condos that plan to invest in energy efficiency can join the Mayor's Carbon Challenge, a voluntary program to reduce emissions by 15% over 10 years. Participants receive help from qualified professions to meet their goals.

By making energy efficient changes in their buildings, co-ops and condos can reduce their bottom line, use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. This will make New York City a cleaner and better place to live. 

As with most changes in a building, an energy retrofit has many steps. The handbook identifies the 6 steps to getting started on identifying your building's needs and opportunities. It also includes tips on building consensus and information on energy audits. 

The Handbook for Co-ops and Condos identifies opportunities for energy efficiency in your building, and covers the technical basics and potential savings for each. The major opportunities identified are:
  1. Electrical systems (lighting, submetering)
  2. The building envelope
  3. Heating and cooling systems
  4. Domestic hot water
  5. On-site generation and renewables such as cogeneration, solar PV
  6. Operations and maintenance
  7. Behavior changes
Financing and Resources
The handbook also includes information about incentives and financing for energy efficiency projects in New York City. These programs make it easier to raise capital for large building investments. 

Source: OLTPS. 2013. Handbook for Co-ops and Condos. 24

The handbook also contains resources about New York City code and additional technical resources for co-op and condo boards.

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