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The New York Power Authority is a state electric utility company supplying energy to communities across New York. Over 71% of NYPA's electricity is produced by hydropower plants. As a national leader in energy efficiency, NYPA has created a long-term Sustainability Action Plan. The plan has short-term tangible goals meant to have immediate impact and to build a foundation for future sustainability agendas. NYPA publishes an Annual Sustainability Report laying out the strategies used and improved efficiency results from their initiatives.

These initiatives include:
  • BuildSmart NY - initiative to accelerate energy efficiency in State buildings, while incorporating broader State policy goals to foster cost-effective investment, stimulate the clean energy marketplace, advance energy security and resiliency and protect the environment and public health. At the centerpiece of BuildSmart NY is Executive Order 88, which requires a 20% improvement in energy efficiency at State owned and managed buildings by the year 2020.
  • EEInc - an economic initiative to support market-ready but not widely deployed energy savings technologies. 

Learn more about NYPA and its commitment to energy efficiency here.


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