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Thank you for joining the Building Energy Exchange 2015 Daylight Hour! On June 19, 2015, we will dedicate one workday hour to turn off the lights in day-lit spaces to demonstrate the availability of daylight. 

You will be joining with many other organizations throughout the world for this campaign. We encourage you to be an active part of Daylight Hour's social media presence. Below are additional information and resources you can use. 


Additional information about Daylight Hour, including social media guidelines and logos. See "Additional Resources" on the right bar to download
  • Participant Guidelines - overview of Daylight Hour and social media guidelines
  • Daylight Hour Poster - a tabloid-size poster
  • Email Template - text and email header image
  • Logo - horizontal and vertical logo in .eps format 

Interactive and educational exhibits at the Exchange 
  • Lighting Fundamentals - Inaugural exhibit describing the fundamentals of high quality, 'energy effective' lighting design
  • Bright Ideas of a Resilient World - BEEx 2014 Earth Day exhibit showcasing some of the most innovative lo- and zero-carbon lighting products intended for use in the developing world
  • Lights, Center, Action - Exhibit on the technology and savings of BEEx's simple lighting retrofit that reduced lighting energy by 77%


BEEx developed case studies and projects on lighting potential
  • Let There Be Daylight - Opportunities for advanced daylighting systems in New York City
  • Related Companies Office Lighting Retrofit - A complicated, after-hours lighting retrofit that greatly improved the office environment, reduced lighting energy by 56%, and shaved peak demand from 70 kW to 30 kW 
  • More to be announced

In-depth overview of fundamental principles and strategies
  • Lighting Fundamentals - lighting and design basics
  • Daylighting - harvesting the sun's energy through design planning and advanced lighting controls systems
  • Lighting Controls - technologies for lighting systems to assess a space's environment and react effectively toward energy reduction
  • Lighting Retrofits - upgrades to more energy efficient lighting system technologies in a defined 


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