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The New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC) efficienSEE™ Calculator is an online tool that provides quick projections of the energy savings associated with typical cost effective energy efficiency measures in large multifamily buildings.  Each savings projection is customized based on key attributes of a specific building and are shown in terms of dollars saved, energy reduced, and greenhouse gas eliminated.   The tool can break out savings between fuel and electric measures and can also generate cost savings for cogeneration. 

Primarily targeting building owners and property managers, the efficienSEE™ Calculator uses owner-generated reports submitted under New York City’s energy benchmarking regulation (Local Law 84). Each building is grouped with comparable New York City buildings based on age, height and affordability status—factors that the data has demonstrated are statistically relevant in more precisely determining the optimal energy use profile of a given building.  A building’s projected energy savings is then calculated relative to its peers based on data reflecting the performance of cost effective savings measures using actual historical savings data on similar buildings provided by NYSERDA.  Currently, the calculator can be used for multifamily buildings in New York City that are over 50,000 square feet in size. 

The efficienSEE™ Calculator was developed in partnership with the Steven Winter Associates and with assistance from WegoWise and Michael Blasnik Associates,

To learn more and to try the calculator for your building, visit NYCEEC’s website here.


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