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Energy Efficiency for All is a partnership between the Energy Foundation, Elevate Energy, the National Housing Trust and the Natural Resources Defense Council that was created to connect the energy and housing sectors together. The goal of this project is to accelerate energy efficiency retrofits in affordable multifamily buildings to benefit millions of low-income families. Working closely with electric and gas utilities, regulators, housing finance agencies and building owners, this project coordinates stakeholder interests to implement the best practices for energy savings in multifamily properties. 

Retrofitting affordable multifamily buildings is a cost-effective approach for reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution, maintaining housing affordability, and creating healthier environments. Despite this wide range of potential benefits from multiple stakeholder perspectives, energy efficiency improvements are much less prevalent in multifamily rentals—especially affordable ones—than any other type of housing. The Energy Efficiency for All partnership recognizes this disparity and seeks to solve it by delivering tools and resources that foster growth in energy efficiency investments. The project has four key objectives:

  1. Build an effective national network among energy efficiency and affordable housing professionals to help expand investments in efficiency upgrades
  2. Support the work of state and local stakeholders in up to twelve states over the next two years to expand energy efficiency programs for the affordable multifamily sector
  3. Expand and improve utility energy efficiency programs so they provide the necessary tools, financial incentives, administrative ease, and marketing to drive large-scale efficiency investments in affordable multifamily buildings
  4. Support building owners and operators of affordable multifamily buildings looking for opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades or navigating the retrofit process

By fostering collaboration between stakeholders and pursuing these four key objectives, Energy Efficiency for All helps identify the intersection of goals and overcome the obstacles that prevent energy efficiency improvements in the multifamily building sector. 

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