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The funding and incentives resource pages provide information to help stakeholders find funding opportunities for their energy efficient upgrades and retrofits. New York tenants, building owners, and other stakeholders interested in greening their commercial and residential buildings have access to a variety of resources here to help them achieve their goals. Multiple organizations offer financing for building retrofits, so it is crucial to understand what options there are to determine the most appropriate program based on individual buildings' needs. 

There is a large variety of funding options available based on building use, type, size, system, and service provider. Certain organizations and programs offer cash incentives, rebates, or grants. These programs are then distinguished between commercial and residential buildings in most cases, however some incentives are available to both. NYCEEC's Direct Loan program, for example, is offered to both commercial and residential property owners. ConEdison's Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program (MEEP) is one that is offered only for multifamily residential buildings. There are also some programs that are even more specific, like NYSERDA's Empower NY, which is offered only for affordable multifamily buildings. 

Although navigating the resources can be difficult, advancing energy efficiency is worth the time and monetary investment. BEEx provides these funding and incentives resource pages to make the decision-making process easier. Below are two tables that break down funding for some of the most common programs available to commercial and residential buildings. It is important to note that each program has specific eligibility requirements. It is advised to consult the websites of each organization to find their full list of requirements. 

Please check back often as this page will be updated as new funding and incentives become available.

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