BE-Ex is seeking ten (10) or more instructors to deliver courses from our Passive House training series

Join the fight against climate change by educating building owners, developers, design professionals, contractors, and others on the key principles of Passive House – a high-performance, low energy-use design and construction standard.

Buildings that meet the Passive House standard use 70-90% less heating energy than conventional buildings, have excellent indoor air quality, superior comfort, and are resilient in the face of extreme weather. As energy codes, climate legislation, and demands of the real estate market rapidly evolve, Passive House offers a way for decision-makers to future-proof their buildings and stay ahead of the curve.

About the Passive House Course Series

The Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) has developed a series of short courses on the fundamentals and application of the high-performance Passive House standard. Designed for a wide range of audiences, these 30- to 60-minute courses include:

  • The Passive House Primer – a one-hour, introductory seminar
  • The Passive House Technical Modules – follow-on courses that dive deeper into the following topics:
    • Airtight Construction (30 min)
    • Insulation & Thermal Bridging (60 min)
    • High Performance Windows & Doors (60 min)
    • Energy Recovery Ventilation (60 min)
    • The Passive House Project Process (30 min)
  • The Passive House Construction Primer – a version of the one-hour, foundational course tailored for contractors, tradespeople, and other construction industry professionals.

Instructor Commitment

BE-Ex is seeking ten (10) instructors to deliver one or more of these courses, with a preference for individuals who can teach the full suite of materials. This teaching commitment will extend for approximately one year, beginning in Q1 2022. Instructors are expected to deliver roughly one course session per month.

Courses are currently offered online, via Zoom. As New York State guidance on COVID-19 evolves, BE-Ex may also offer sessions at our resource center in downtown Manhattan, and at local offices, upon request. Instructors are not required to be NYC residents in order to qualify.

BE-Ex will market public sessions on our events calendar and through digital communications. The organization will also encourage interested parties to request private presentations through our website. For any private deliveries coordinated by instructors, above those scheduled by BE-Ex, an honorarium will be granted to compensate for instructors’ time and effort.

Instructors will be recognized on the BE-Ex website, course materials, and marketing materials for the primers and modules across BE-Ex’s communication channels. Instructors are permitted to identify their firm and position, as well as circulate business cards on request, but are not allowed to solicit business or distribute marketing materials. BE-Ex Instructors can identify themselves as such in their own marketing materials and will be provided with other opportunities for professional exposure.

Preferred Qualifications and Requirements

 Ideal candidates preferably meet the following criteria:

  • Prior teaching and/or public speaking experience.
  • 5-10 years of experience in engineering, architecture, design, or construction management.
  • Passive House project experience and/or exposure
  • Willingness to advertise the courses among your professional networks.
  • Commitment to memorize the material and provide periodic feedback.
  • Ability to deliver multiple courses in the Passive House training series.

BE-Ex seeks to build an inclusive organization grounded in respect for differences, and we encourage applications from all qualified individuals. BE-Ex provides equal opportunities to all, regardless of age, race, creed, color, religion, origin, disability, citizenship, sex, gender, orientation.

New instructors must attend a course materials training session, at a date to be determined by BE-Ex, which will be hosted via webinar, or in-person at the Building Energy Exchange office. Please note that instructors will serve on a provisional basis until speaking ability and familiarity with the presentation are confirmed by observation and audience feedback.

To Apply

Please submit your application using this Typeform link.

Applications are due by November 11th, 2021. Notices of acceptance will be sent one to two weeks after the deadline.

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