Submissions for Fall 2019 programs are currently being accepted.

The Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) open call for programs is an effort to maximize collaboration with the green building and energy efficiency community, and ensure that the dialogue at our resource center in Manhattan benefits from the diversity, talent and expertise enjoyed by the New York City region.

Collaboration is a core element of the BE-Ex mission. From our earliest days we have worked hard to engage with any organization with a stake in the efficiency of buildings, from other non-profit organizations, to public sector agencies, to private companies.

In addition to the dozens of BE-Ex-developed programs that have been held here in our Manhattan resource center we have hosted the programs of many like-minded groups, a key element of the 20,000+ visitors we have received at the Exchange.

In 2017, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, adopted Framework Guidelines for Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings and this year launched an initiative to disseminate and deploy the guidelines worldwide. As part of the effort, Building Energy Exchange became the founding International Centre of Excellence on High Performance Buildings, the first in a critical network of knowledge sharing and scaling up high performance building best practices.

The building industry includes a remarkably broad set of stakeholders with wildly varying backgrounds; from brokers to engineers, and facility managers to architects. We hope that every actor in this sector will consider submitting whatever aspect of their work — from a project to a product to a process — they feel would be most helpful in advancing energy efficiency and improving the sustainability and resiliency of our community.

The submission process is similar to those utilized for conferences. Complete programs are submitted, including a description and all speakers. These are reviewed by BE-Ex and if your program is selected we work with your team to find a suitable date for the event to be held here at BE-Ex.


Presenters benefit from exposure to the diverse set of senior decision makers that attend BE-Ex events. Our events draw audiences from both the public and private sectors, including commercial, residential and institutional stakeholders. Professionals typically include architects, engineers, energy/sustainability consultants, government agency and utility executives, building owners and managers, as well as legal and financial sector representatives.

BE-Ex is open to proposals on any subject related to the energy efficiency of buildings. There will be a strong preference for existing building retrofits and renovations, and for buildings greater than 25,000 square feet. It is likely that the majority of the programs delivered will be case studies of successful projects.

BE-Ex organizes it’s programs into three categories. These are listed below, along with links to what we feel have been among our most successful programs in each area.

The most common format comprises three “presenters” and a “moderator”, though this varies as necessary.  We rarely select presentations that feature a single speaker, company, or technology. There is a strong preference for panels that include the widest diversity of backgrounds. For instance, an owner, an architect and a tenant would be preferred over two architects and a sustainability consultant.

BE-Ex events typically last 90 minutes, with 60-75 minutes of presentations and/or moderated discussion, and 15-30 minutes of audience discussion. These sessions are frequently scheduled from 9-10:30 am on weekday mornings.

Proposals will be reviewed by BE-Ex staff as well as a advisory committee.

The BE-Ex staff are experts in education, having developed and delivered hundreds of educational sessions, from professional training and panel discussions to formal symposia and conferences. We will bring this experience to bear on the development of each program and in many cases will guide program details. In some cases we may recommend additional speakers or suggest a slightly different focus for the content.

BE-Ex reserves the right to modify or direct the program as needed.

No overt advertising of products or services. This includes a strict limit to one slide and no more than 30 seconds describing the business activities of each organization represented. The focus should be on the project or process.

BE-Ex charges a small admission fee to cover the administrative costs of delivering programs.


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