LL97 321 GO! – HPD’s Free LL97 Compliance Help Desk for Affordable Housing


Mar 13th, 2024
9:30 am to 11:00 am


Building Energy Exchange


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Managing affordable housing and you’re worried about LL97? LL97 321 Go! is a free program offered by NYSERDA and HPD to help owners of HPD regulated affordable housing comply with LL97, reduce energy costs, and leverage incentives. 321 Go! pairs an innovative new software platform with technical support from consultants who truly understand your unique building’s needs.

Attend this event to learn more and start getting your portfolio into compliance. Send a list of the buildings you manage to Affordable@kc3.nyc by March 8, 2024, and their team will have a preliminary plan to review with you at the March 13th event.

Why now? Over 8,000 affordable housing buildings subject to Article 321 of Local Law 97 have a compliance deadline THIS YEAR! New DOB rules allow these buildings more time to comply through a “Mediated Resolution” – IF they can demonstrate that they are making progress.

For further details on how 321Go! works, please check out the program website.


Part 1: Roundtable discussion with program team on process and benefits including:

Daphany Sanchez, Executive Director, Kinetic Communities Consulting
Jennifer Leone, Assistant Commissioner, NYC HPD
Rosibel Tavares, Program Manager, Kinetic Communities Consulting
James Manarino, Senior Project Manager, NYSERDA
Marc Zuluaga, Co-Founder, Cadence OneFive

Part 2: Program sign up


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  • Multi-Family
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