Passive House Project Process


Aug 18th, 2022
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm



AIA Credits


Learn the process for getting a new construction or retrofit project certified to the International Passive House standard. This one-hour introductory course covers the basic principles of Passive House design and walks through all of the steps – from project planning to completion – needed to get a building certified.

Anthony Harrington, Vice President, pHdesign

Passive House Summer School schedule:

8/2, 1-2pm: Passive House Primer
An introductory course that reviews the key principles of the Passive House building standard.

8/4, 1-2pm: Passive House Construction Primer
An introductory course on the Passive House building standard that is uniquely tailored for tradespeople, contractors, and other technical building professionals.

8/9, 1-2pm: Passive House Fundamental: Airtightness
Learn how to achieve a continuous airtight barrier in projects, essential to achieving high indoor air quality, balanced heating and cooling demand, and Passive House certification.

8/16, 1-2pm: Passive House Fundamental: Energy Recovery Ventilation
Learn about balanced ventilation systems with energy recovery that provide a constant flow of fresh, filtered air while reducing energy use.

8/18, 1-2pm: Passive House Project Process
Understand the steps necessary for certifying a retrofit or new construction project to the International Passive House standard.

8/23, 1-2pm: Passive House Fundamental: Insulation & Thermal Bridging
Learn about insulation materials and thermal bridges -conductive spots that undermine thermal performance.

8/30, 1-2pm: Passive House Fundamental: Windows & Doors
Learn how to select and install high performance window and door products without compromising aesthetics.



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