Urban Green Council 2021 Conference – Climate, Equity and Health: No More False Choices


Jun 23rd, 2021
9:00 am to 1:00 pm (EST)




Please note: this event was developed by Urban Green Council. For more information including registration, visit their event page below.

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Please note: this event is organized by Urban Green Council. For more information, visit their registration page.

As we navigate this historic time for climate change, racial equity and public health, the built environment sits front and center. New state and federal climate policies are being enacted, and technologies are starting to be deployed at large scales that could affect outcomes in all three arenas for generations.

Our 2021 conference will investigate ways we can optimize policy and building design to provide sustainable, equitable and healthy outcomes for all.

We’ll explore the benefits and unintended consequences of emerging technologies. And we’ll hear about real-world collaborative solutions that integrate these challenges.


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