Will Carlin: The Secrets to Pitching Online


Oct 8th, 2020
9:00 am to 10:30 am



In the age of Covid, high stakes presentations may be even more important than usual. For many businesses, their very future may hang on whether they can interest enough potential investors. And because of the virus, virtually all of these presentations now happen online. The trouble is, pitching online is very different than when physically present. Attention spans are shorter, distractions are often invisible, and it’s much harder to get energy from the audience.

How should you pitch online? Should you focus on technical details, how you tell your story, or the actual slides? What are the things that separate a good presentation from those that are mediocre? Does the technology matter? Is it just the presenter? And what about all the little things like the background, the lighting, and the platform? Can’t you just do what you would do in person? (Hint: no.)

Those questions and more are answered in a new presentation from Speakable founder Will Carlin called “The Secrets to Pitching Online.”

Some of the topics include:
· The secret to making a personal impact.
· The secret that investors really want to know.
· The secret to crafting an effective story.
· The secret steps to make your presentation hit the right points.
· The secret to making a platform work best for an online presentation.
· The secret to effective online slides.

Will Carlin, the founder and CEO of Speakable, has been coaching online presenting for more than five years. He specializes in helping executives and organizations with high-stakes presentations and has coached 55 out of 55 clients to winning or achieving their goals, often against extreme odds. He is the former Managing Partner at three different marketing / advertising agencies, was the two-time US number one player and National Champion in squash. He attended Yale as an undergrad, Harvard for post-bac pre-med studies and Columbia Business School where he earned an MBA.

We are grateful to our program partner Urban Future Lab for helping develop this event.



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