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Food Waste to Biogas

A Clean Energy Connections forum
Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017 7:00 pm
to 10:00 pm

The Greene Space at WNYC & WQXR - 44 Charlton Street New York, NY 10013

About the Event

Join Clean Energy Connections for Food Waste to Biogas.

Urban centers around the world are recognizing that inedible organic wastes — primarily food waste — represent a major climate liability if they continue to be landfilled. That's because as these materials break down, they emit methane-rich biogases that are up to 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in its global warming potential.

The good news is that if captured, biogas is a renewable resource that can be used to generate power, heat homes or — if refined and compressed — fuel vehicles.  Moreover, if separately collected and processed at anaerobic digestion facilities, the remaining "biosolids" can be used as nutrient-rich compost and soil amendments. 

This Clean Energy Connections event will introduce the topic of organic waste collection/recycling in NYC. It will also address options that exist to extract maximum energy and nutrient value from this abundant resource, and the opportunities and obstacles the emerging industry faces.

In NYC, great strides have been made since 2013 toward ambitious landfill diversion targets, but immense challenges (and opportunities) lie ahead. 

Matt Tomich, President, Energy Vision

Brian Paganini, Vice President, Quantum Biopower
Donald Chahbazpour, Director of Network Strategy, National Grid
Pam Elardo, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Wastewater Treatment, NYC Department of Environmental Protection

This event is organized by Clean Energy Connections. For more information including registration, click here.

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