how will LL97 impact your building?

The LL97 Carbon Emissions Calculator estimates a building’s carbon penalty as a result of NYC LL97. Automatically load building data from NYC’s benchmarking database or manually enter information to generate carbon thresholds, potential penalties, and utility cost metrics across each compliance period.

This tool was last updated on 10.2.23. Submit bug reports or comments here.

The v1 ll97 calculator is archived here (please note: this version has not incorporated recent NYC DOB rules).


policy resources

Visit our Climate Mobilization Act Series portal, a collection of educational programs, event media, FAQs, and articles, taking a closer look at the Climate Mobilization Act and expanding on its constituent parts.

Hear from experts directly involved in the development of the legislation and those charged with its implementation to understand how NYC LL97 will impact your real estate portfolio.


next steps

What’s next? Once you’ve estimated your carbon footprint, connect with the NYC Accelerator for free, personalized guidance on implementing energy efficiency improvements that lower emissions, reduce operating costs, and enhance tenant comfort.


technical partner

This calculator engine was developed by AKF Group with UX/UI design by Jessica Celano.

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