Wednesday January 26th, 2022
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Recording of 1/26/22 event, "A Technical Guide to Heat Pump Installation."

Take a deep dive into heat pump installation during this step-by-step training, following a multifamily building’s conversion to individual air source heat pumps in each apartment.

Hosted by Building Energy Exchange, “A Technical Guide to Heat Pump Installation: Converting a Multifamily Building to Electric Heating” showcases the impact to cost, energy consumption, and energy savings of converting a 10-unit multifamily building in New York City to all-electric heating and cooling. Speakers will detail heat pump installation and design elements, operating procedures, and additional benefits of heat pumps compared to oil and gas-fired heating systems. They’ll also address the importance of air sealing and the impact of heat pumps on the building’s electrical system, along with case-specific considerations related to building configuration, residents, and neighboring buildings.

Valerie Corbett, Account Manager, NYC Accelerator

Tom Sahagian, Project Originator and Manager
Ian Shapiro, Founder, Taitem Engineering
Lisa Harrison, Building Resident and Project Liaison


For more information on heat pump systems, visit the BE-Ex Heat Pump Planner: Clean Heating & Cooling Options for Homes.

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