Tuesday September 29th, 2020
9:00 am to 10:30 am

Full video for "ASHRAE Global HQ: Designing for Net Zero (Pt. 1)", on October 6, 2020

Join ASHRAE, AIA New York Committee on the Environment, and the Building Energy Exchange for this two-part series on planning and executing a successful commercial net-zero energy retrofit.

In January of 2020, ASHRAE broke ground on the renovation of their new global headquarters, a showcase project embodying the organization’s core commitments—excellent indoor environmental quality and cutting-edge energy efficiency requirements.

Beyond these core objectives, ASHRAE’s new headquarters stands as an educational tool, providing insight for industry stakeholders into how sustainability and resiliency can be integrated into cost-effective, replicable building retrofit solutions that reduce energy use and improve occupant health and comfort.

We hope you join us for this remarkable opportunity to learn from the project team responsible for not only meeting, but exceeding ASHRAE’s energy, comfort, and indoor air quality standards in this state-of-the-art net-zero building retrofit project.

Part 1: Designing for Net Zero
September 29th, 9-10:30am EST

For the first session of this two-part series, we’ve invited two core members of the project team, Greg Walker, Partner at Houser Walker Architecture, and Ginger Scoggins, Building Ad-hoc Committee Chair at ASHRAE, to expand on the collaborative design process that helped to define project requirements and ensure for a project that exemplified ASHRAE’s core sustainability commitments.

Ginger Scoggins, Chair, Building Ad-hoc Committee, ASHRAE
Greg Walker, Partner, Houser Walker Architecture

Part 2: Energy Modeling for Net Zero
October 1st, 9-10:30am EST

For the second session of this two-part series, join Stanton Stafford, Managing Principal at Integral Group, and Shreshth Nagpal, Principal at Elementa Engineering, for a deep dive into the energy modeling and design analytics required to verify the project’s net-zero energy status and ensure that the project team delivered on stringent sustainability and occupant health and wellness objectives.

For energy modeling engineers and other technical professionals– this session is not to be missed!

Stanton Stafford, Managing Principal, Integral Group
Shreshth Nagpal, Principal, Elementa Engineers

Upon request, BE-Ex can provide tickets at a discounted cost or free of charge to non-student individuals who are unable to afford them. For more information, please contact us at info@be-exchange.org.




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