Friday November 13th, 2020
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Full video for "WISE Ask Me Anything with Liz Girardi Schoen" on November 13, 2020

Join the Building Energy Exchange for a WISE (Women in Sustainability & Energy) AMA (Ask Me Anything).

What was life like for a sustainability professional at Pfizer before the Covid-19 pandemic? What, if any, is the sustainability team’s role in the Covid-19 vaccine development process? Has the race for a vaccine and the resources dedicated to that impacted Pfizer’s commitment to sustainability?

Liz Girardi Schoen, Pfizer’s Global Environmental Sustainability Leader and founding board member of BE-Ex, joins us to answer these questions and more.

Liz Girardi Schoen is currently Global Environmental Sustainability Leader for Pfizer. Just before returning to Pfizer Liz was VP Global Environment and Sustainability for Teva, and Director Global
Environment for First Solar, a $3 billion solar power company. Liz has worked with many non-government organizations and governments, including TheUN Global Compact, UNEP, UNDP, WBCSD, GEMI, BSR, WRI, Wildlife Habitat Council. She served on the Board advising Mayor Bloomberg in the creation of PlaNYC, the original sustainability plan for New York City, and continues to serve on the Board of the Building Energy Exchange.

All attendees are invited to submit questions in advance via email to with the subject “AMA with Liz Girardi Schoen” and will be able to submit live questions during the event.


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