Buildings of Excellence Series

The Buildings of Excellence Competition, developed by NYSERDA, recognizes visionary developers and architects who design, build and renovate beautifullow-carbon buildings.

The competition supports New York’s Green New Deal, the most aggressive climate change program in the nation that puts New York State on a path to economy wide carbon-neutrality as well as the State’s mandate for an 85 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.



NYSERDA announced the Buildings of Excellence Round 2 award recipients in the spring of 2021. The winning teams demonstrated that a low carbon future is beautiful, livable, and 100% possible.



Currently on display at BE-Ex, the Buildings of Excellence exhibit highlights New York’s ambitious climate action objectives.

The exhibit explores various components of New York’s Green New Deal, NYSERDA initiatives, and proof-in-concept case studies demonstrating the feasibility of a zero carbon future.

To view the exhibit, come visit us in downtown Manhattan, 9-5 Monday through Friday.

Program Series

In partnership with NYSERDA, BE-Ex is hosting a series of gallery talks dedicated to a range of design strategies, building systems, and case studies that provide potential pathways to net-zero building performance.

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Our Partner

As a Buildings of Excellence Partner, BE-Ex supports NYSERDA’s core program objectives: increasing participation, raising awareness, garnering feedback, facilitating outreach and sharing results from the Buildings of Excellence competition.

BE-Ex sits on the Buildings of Excellence Advisory Council, helping to guide the competition, engage with participants, and provide critical reviews of project submissions.

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