Tuesday September 26th, 2017
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Campus and Community Energy Master Planning

While efficiency efforts at the individual building level are necessary to cut energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, cohesive implementation at the campus, district and city levels are critical to NYC reaching its 80×50 goals.

With decades of experience working to achieve district wide energy savings, panelist Peter Garforth has developed an Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP) procedure and an international team of specialists. Collaborating with a diverse group of municipal, private and administrative stakeholders, the team has developed energy master plans for Sheridan College in Ontario and a variety of other campuses, cities and towns.

Sheridan College has energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals similar to NYC’s ambitious plan. Starting from those framing goals, the IEMP delivers a prioritized, actionable roadmap for the college to follow in order to reach breakthrough economic, environmental, and reliability goals established for the plan. IEMP planning tools create year-by-year metrics that create a framework to keep implementation on track. The plan’s structure also allows for timely assessments of yet unknown risks and opportunities, creating the ability to make ongoing adjustments.

Panelists will discuss the successes and challenges of Sheridan College and other campuses and districts. Lessons learned from Sheridan and other energy master plans will be presented for adaptability to NYC’s goals.

Jonathan Lemmond, Baumann Consulting

Oliver Baumann, Baumann Consulting
Peter Garforth, Garforth International
Herbert Sinnock, Sheridan College

Light lunch will be provided.


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