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Projects in the moderate retrofit section have invested in upgrading several building systems, and require planning and investment to complete. The 11 projects in this category have upgraded combinations of systems, including  heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting, building envelope, building controls, and domestic hot water. Although not as comprehensive as a deep retrofit, these investments show significant energy savings and a shorter payback period.

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125 Maiden Lane, Manhattan

After Hurricane Sandy, the scope of the energy efficiency retrofit of this multitenant office condo was expanded to include resiliency measures.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #4.

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520 Madison Avenue, Manhattan

The installation of a 31-tank ice storage system has curtailed peak energy demand, reducing strain on the power grid and delivering significant cost and carbon savings.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #7.

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721 East 6th Street, Manhattan

This affordable and supportive housing facility pursued projects aimed at energy efficiency and resiliency, including lighting upgrades and air-sealing of the building envelope.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #8.


1259-1265-1269 College Avenue, Bronx

Aided by NYC HPD refinancing, this apartment building completed a retrofit that included important envelope improvements and lighting upgrades, resulting in Enterprise Green Communities certification.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #7.

1890 Andrews Avenue, Bronx

As part of a first mortgage refinancing and renovation, this Morris Heights building underwent a retrofit that included efficient lighting and water fixture upgrades, as well as a boiler replacement.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #7.

2244 Morris Avenue, Bronx

This affordable, multifamily rental building in the Bronx underwent a multiple-measure energy efficiency retrofit.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #8.

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Steven Winters Associates Portfolio, Bronx

1109 Franklin  Ave.

1632 University  Ave.

95 Brandt Place  

1187 Boston Road  

94 Brandt Place  

3758 Third  Ave. 

1212 Boston Road

1214 Boston Road  

1216 Boston Road  

600 East 167th St.  

1268 Clay  Ave.

656 East 166th St. 

538 Claremont Parkway  

818 East 166th St.

1273 Webster  Ave.

1267 Webster  Ave.

1241 Webster  Ave.

1245 Webster  Ave.

Retrofits across these 18 low-rise affordable residential properties—including 293 apartments, six retail stores, and two community facilities—resulted in energy savings of greater than 25% across the portfolio.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #8.

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Crystal Building, 40 West 20th Street, Manhattan

By retrofitting their headquarters in New York, the Natural Resources Defense Council was able to save enough energy to power 20 average American homes.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #9.


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Park Lane North, 118-17 Union Turnpike, Queens

Working closely with residents, this team improved the building’s airtightness using a blower-door depressurization test to detect areas of outside air infiltration.

This project is on Panel #9.

The Fairview, 61-20 Grand Central Parkway, Queens

This comprehensive retrofit included mechanical system upgrades that improved building performance, maximized energy savings, and reduced carbon emissions.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #9.

WFH Revival, 539-541 East 147th Street, Bronx

This retrofit was completed as part of a first mortgage refinancing and renovation and is Enterprise Green Communities certified.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #9.

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