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25 large commercial projects were submitted to Celebrate NYC.  Large commercial buildings are defined to be between 50 thousand and 500 thousand square feet.

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60 Columbus Circle, Manhattan

This after-hours lighting retrofit greatly improved the office environment, reduced lighting energy use, and shaved peak demand.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #3.

633 Third Avenue, Manhattan

To achieve Local Law 88 compliance, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center underwent a lighting retrofit that improved functionality while reducing operating costs.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #1.

125 Maiden Lane, Manhattan

After Hurricane Sandy, the scope of the energy efficiency retrofit of this multitenant office condo was expanded to include resiliency measures.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #4.

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Crystal Building, 40 W20th St., Manhattan

By retrofitting their headquarters in New York, the Natural Resources Defense Council was able to save enough energy to power 20 average American homes.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #9.


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Roosevelt Landings, 552 Main Street, Manhattan

The comprehensive retrofit of this large, occupied complex—including smart heating controls, a combined-heat-and-power system, envelope air sealing and extensive common area and in-unit measures—was awarded the 2014 Novogradac Prize For Financial Innovation.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #15.

Selis Manor, 135 W 23rd St, Manhattan

This gut renovation of an assisted-living facility for the vision-impaired included boiler replacement, envelope upgrades, installation of heat recovery equipment, programmable thermostats, and more.

This project is on Exhibit Board #17.

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45-08 40th Street, Queens

Working with the New York City Retrofit Accelerator allowed this property owner to create a plan for an effective lighting retrofit.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #2.

9 College Place, Brooklyn

A Local Law 87 audit identified inefficient systems, leading to the replacement of poorly installed heat pump controls. This improved system responsiveness and substantially reduced utility costs and energy use.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #2.

56 7th Avenue, Manhattan

The introduction of thermostatic radiator valves, steam line orifice plates, and a modern boiler control system transformed the heating system and reduced costs by eliminating over- and under-heating problems and banging pipes.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #5.

340 E 34th Street, Manhattan

Through envelope upgrades, including re-cladding and window replacement, this project improved the energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics of a 1962 white brick residential building.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #5.

1717 East 18th Street, Brooklyn

Holistic boiler, steam distribution, and control system upgrades improved heating performance and efficiency, greatly enhancing resident comfort and significantly reducing utility costs.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #6.

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3950 Bronx Boulevard, Bronx

Local Law 84 benchmarking inspired this steam balancing project, which added master vents, insulation, and modern controls to improve functionality while reducing energy use and operational costs.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #6.

Cabs Houses, 270 Pulaski Street, Brooklyn

This comprehensive retrofit of an occupied, low-income multifamily building included an exterior façade insulation system that reduced heating loads and improved the building’s visual appearance.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #6.

The Brevard, 245 East 54th Street, Manhattan

Following a detailed feasibility study, NYSERDA rebates facilitated the installation of a combined-heat-andpower system.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #6.

The Charlton House, 2 Charlton Street, Manhattan

Replacing the existing water source heat pumps with air source heat pumps reduced water waste and ensured more comfortable interior temperatures in this large multifamily building.

This project is located on Exhibit Panel #6.

Park Terrace Gardens, 72 Park Terrace, Manhattan

Holistic steam system upgrades and simple air sealing measures helped this co-op complex resolve heating imbalances and save an annual average of more than $100,000.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #5.

1259-1265-1269 College Avenue, Bronx

Aided by NYC HPD refinancing, this apartment building completed a retrofit that included important envelope improvements and lighting upgrades, resulting in Enterprise Green Communities certification.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #7.

Park Lane North, 118-17 Union Turnpike, Queens

Working closely with residents, this team improved the building’s airtightness using a blower-door depressurization test to detect areas of outside air infiltration.

This project is on Panel #9.

The Fairview, 61-20 Grand Central Parkway, Queens

This comprehensive retrofit included mechanical system upgrades that improved building performance, maximized energy savings, and reduced carbon emissions.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #9.

345 Park Avenue, Manhattan

An innovative building operating system responds to real-time occupancy data and environmental changes to predict and prescribe more efficient operations and reduce energy demands.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #12.


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BSREP Portfolio, Manhattan

1890 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan
1990 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan
1295 5th Avenue, Manhattan
1956 1st Avenue, Manhattan

This whole-building retrofit of an occupied multifamily high-rise in Manhattan improved resident comfort through envelope air sealing, LED lighting, and advanced controls.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #14.

French Apartments, 330 West 30th St. and 325 West 29th St.

This deep retrofit of nearly all building energy systems, including a comprehensive steam system upgrade, has enhanced tenant comfort and significantly cut utility bills.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #16.

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Riverdale Osborne Towers, 345 Thatford Avenue and 420 Watkins Street, Brooklyn

This massive lighting retrofit, funded by the Con Edison Brooklyn-Queens Demand Management program, included replacement of all common area lighting with high efficiency LED fixtures and sensors.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #3.

1641 Andrews Ave Bronx, NY

By undergoing a substantial energy retrofit, this affordable multifamily building obtained Enterprise Green Communities certification and is outperforming energy code by 19%.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #14.

The House at Cornell Tech, 1000 East Loop Road, Roosevelt Island

The House at the new Cornell Tech Roosevelt Island campus is 26 stories high, includes more than 350 units, and is the tallest Passive House certified building in the world.

This project is on Exhibit Panel #18.

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