Tuesday March 10th, 2020
8:30 am to 10:00 am

Full video for "Climate Data in a Warming World" on March 10, 2020

Please join the Building Energy Exchange and the ASHRAE New York Chapter for the second installment of our joint ASHRAE Standard technical series — providing a deep dive for their development, industry impact, and relationship to local energy efficiency and climate action objectives.

Our next program focuses on ASHRAE’s Standard 169, Climatic Data for Building Design Standards. This standard, scheduled for a new addendum in 2020, provides a foundational basis for climate assumptions used by a wide array of building industry decision makers.

But how do we balance historic weather data with forward-looking climate change projections? How should design codes and standards incorporate these data to adequately prepare for warming climate defined by more frequent storms, sea level rise, heat waves, and precipitation?

To address these issues, we’ve invited the Chair of ASHRAE Standard 169, Dru Crawley, to expand on the standard’s recent developments. For practical framing, we’ll hear from Peter Adams, Senior Policy Advisor from the NYC Mayor’s Office for Recovery and Resiliency, and author of the City’s Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines, a set of rules on how to supplement historic climate data with specific, regional, forward-looking climate change data in the design of New York City facilities.

Please join us for this fascinating dialogue on ASHRAE standards in the age of a warming climate.

Dru Crawley, Building Performance Research, Bentley Systems Inc.
Peter Adams, Senior Policy Advisor, NYC Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency

Charlie Marino, Energy + Performance Team Leader, AKF Group, and Governor, ASHRAE NY Chapter


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