Thursday October 20th, 2016
1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Energy Efficiency Drives Jobs: A European Perspective - Full Length Video

Energy Efficiency Drives Jobs: A European Perspective

Join the Building Energy Exchange for this unique opportunity to hear from a leading figure in European energy policy on the potential for energy efficiency projects to boost the global economy. Dr. Yamina Saheb is Senior Energy Policy Analyst at the Paris-based OpenExp, an organization that supports business and policy leaders in the pursuit of sustainable development goals.

Dr. Saheb will present the findings of her recent report, Energy Transition of the EU Building Stock: Unleashing the 4th Industrial Revolution in Europe. The report lays out the case for an
overarching policy framework to ensure energy efficiency projects are integrated, streamlined and effective. In 2015 alone, the energy retrofit market in the European Union is estimated to have been more than 100 billion euros and to have resulted in nearly 900,000 jobs. Dr. Saheb’s “Efficiency First” investment and policy framework looks to industrialize the energy efficiency sector through measures that could drive nearly a 50% increase in this market.

Such an integrated framework clearly has resonance among New York policy stakeholders in both the public and private sphere. Audience discussion will follow Dr. Saheb’s presentation.

You may download Dr. Saheb’s report (PDF) here.


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