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  1. Visit Building Energy Exchange for an exhibition on the principles of comfortable and energy efficient lighting design.Due to high density and old infrastructure, buildings in New York City account for nearly 70% of the city’s total energy use, and they hold the greatest potential to reduce emissions and consumption. Lighting, contributing 30% of NYC buildings energy use, is a promising and optimal measure to implement cost-effective energy efficient technologies and strategies.As part of NYC’s path to reducing city-wide GHG emissions, Local Law 88 was implemented as a component of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan. Local Law 88 requires all buildings over 50,000 square feet to retrofit their lighting to meet building code by 2025. Lighting retrofits and upgrades, such as improved control systems, occupancy and daylighting sensor installations, and passive daylighting design are some of the most effective strategies to successfully reduce energy consumption.This inaugural exhibit highlights the fundamentals of high quality, ‘energy effective’ lighting design. It displays accessible and usable information on daylighting, proper luminaire selection, lighting control strategies, and effective interior design. Visitors can learn about the theory and principles of lighting design: how to maximize daylight and effectively reduce energy consumption in the built environment.

    This exhibit is located in the Exchange’s classroom and features educational panels and built-to-scale daylighting architectural models. Through this exhibit, BEEx educates building owners, property managers, engineers, designers, and other building stakeholders about the importance of good lighting design and familiarizes them with the different available technologies.

    For more information and materials about lighting, check out our resources page on:

    1. Lighting fundamentals
    2. Daylighting
    3. Lighting controls
    4. Lighting retrofit

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