High Performance Retrofit Track: Participant Profiles

Learn about the first group of participants in the New York City Retrofit Accelerator’s High-Performance Retrofit Track (HPRT). These early adopters are going beyond typical upgrades to turn their buildings into examples for the rest of New York City.

To learn more about the technologies and retrofit strategies featured in the profiles, check out our library of high-performance Tech Primers.

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See Who's Ahead of the Curve

Explore these profiles to learn how other building owners are achieving high-performance retrofits. The profiles describe HPRT program participants’ long-term capital plans for energy efficiency upgrades, provide insight into decision-making and planning processes, and describe the innovative technologies being employed.

AvalonBay Communities

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Bronx Pro Group

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Diego Beekman

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FirstService Residential

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International Tailoring Company Building

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New York University

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RiseBoro Community Partnership

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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New York City Health + Hospitals

Profile Coming Soon

Peter Cooper Village

Profile Coming Soon


About the High Performance Retrofit Track

These profiles were developed in partnership with the High Performance Retrofit Track (HPRT) of NYC’s Retrofit Accelerator, which helps decision-makers implement a 10-15 year capital plan to reduce their building’s energy use by 40-60%.

HPRT participants receive free, personalized advisory services by committing to improve energy efficiency in their buildings with upgrades to all major building systems, including the heating system, cooling system, and the building envelope.

Additional Guidance

The NYC Accelerator provides free, personalized guidance to make cost-saving energy-efficiency upgrades and reduce carbon emissions in New York City.

Connect with one of their advisors today to discuss what high performance means for your building.


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