Want to be part of a global campaign to raise awareness about energy use reduction and the availability of daylight? Join us as a volunteer for the 2015 Daylight Hour!

Daylight Hour is a social media campaign that engages offices throughout the world about the benefits of using daylight rather than artificial lighting. Many offices with more than adequate natural light keep their lights on even when it is unnecessary. Reducing this use of electric lighting saves money and reduces our impact on the global climate. On June 19 from Noon to 1pm, Daylight Hour participants will turn off their lights in day-lit spaces for one hour to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and to reduce energy use during the peak demand period. They will also post to social media during this hour about their participation.


As a volunteer, you will be helping us prepare for this exciting event! Volunteers will be packaging Daylight Hour materials and preparing shipping labels to send to each participating office.

There will be 3 two-hour volunteer sessions prior to Daylight Hour. Light refreshments will be served and volunteers are encouraged but not required to attend all sessions. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a campaign that involves leading organizations enthusiastic about energy efficiency education. We hope that you can join us and other excited individuals to support this campaign.

Volunteer sessions:

  • June 5 – 4 to 6 pm
  • June 8 – 4 to 6 pm
  • June 9 – 4 to 6 pm

If interested, please email jg@be-exchange.org.

For more information about Daylight Hour, please visit the campaign page here.

We look forward to seeing you!

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