Building Energy Exchange (BEEx) is indeed an open forum of exchange for intellectual chatter, critique, and conference on energy efficiency! Nestled in the beautiful Surrogate’s Courthouse Building in lower Manhattan, the organization opens its doors to the public for visits on weekdays and is regularly a host to industry events and exhibitions.

The industry has provided a positive, engaging response to the educational and interdisciplinary hub. Ellen Abramowitz, Project Associate at BEEx, explains, “Since we work with manufacturers, energy service providers, public utilities, the State and the City, as well as real estate organizations,” BEEx has become a “place where members of many different industries can connect and exchange ideas.”

BEEx has over 2,000 square feet of exhibition space. The entryway and adjacent classroom greet the visitor with informative lighting displays, complementing the efficient lighting fixtures hanging up above and illuminating the work and public areas. The fixtures are a part of their ongoing Lights, Center, Action! exhibit and save BEEx 4,000 kWh each year! Read more and check out their models, as you’ll be sure to learn some valuable statistics and visually understand how day-lighting and occupant controls can save you both energy and money.

June will be an actively busy month for BEEx, which you can be a part of! For more details, visit their events here.

  • This upcoming week, BEEx will host events on Passive House and the impacts of light on health.
  • On June 18th, BEEx launches their newest study, Retrofitting Affordability, which, as Ellen describes, “uses newly available city data to determine low-cost, high-impact energy efficiency retrofit opportunities for large multifamily buildings.”
  • June 19th is Daylight Hour, BEEx’s global social media campaign that highlights the availability of daylight in commercial spaces (Over 80 organizations, including the Mayor’s Office and NYSERDA will participate!). Your company can register for free, within a few clicks, to engage in a one hour energy conservation measure.

BEEx is growing! It will expand in the future as an energy efficiency resource center, to include a larger classroom space and additional exhibition and demonstration areas. “We will also be working closely with the City’s new Retrofit Accelerator initiative, which seeks to scale up energy efficiency retrofits,” Ellen explains. “BEEx will provide a neutral space for customers to learn about energy efficiency opportunities for their buildings through timely events, exhibits and trainings.”

BEEx’s educational platform is visible in other ways. It has conducted energy projects, researched case studies, and produced reports on its results. These are available for the public to explore among other resources.

Scroll through the photo gallery below to get a virtual tour of what you’ll find at BEEx and plan your visit soon!

This blog was written by Farah Naz Ahmad. Check out her twitter, @Farah_Arch

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