Enterprise Community Partners is thrilled to share the updated Green Funding and Resources for New York City Affordable Multifamily Housing guide with the Building Energy Exchange. This guide is an important tool that provides a comprehensive overview of low- or no-cost resources to help owners and operators of affordable, multifamily housing improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.


Enterprise firmly believes that smart and sustainable housing is a sure way to help preserve New York’s critical affordable housing stock. Green and resilient retrofits help to ensure that buildings perform at their best, reduce costs for owners, and improve the health outcomes and quality of life for residents.

The Green Funding and Resources guide represents one of the many ways that Enterprise is committed to making affordable housing healthy and sustainable. Enterprise Green Communities, the national standard for green affordable housing, was formally adopted by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) in 2011, and is now required for all new construction and substantial rehabilitation projects in NYC receiving funding from the department.

The Green Funding and Resources guide is a resource to both those owners aiming to achieve Enterprise Green Communities Certification in New York City as well as owners otherwise committed to improving the efficiency of their buildings.

Thank you to the Building Energy Exchange for connecting more owners to the Green Funding and Resources guide and continuing to support the efficiency of NYC’s buildings. We hope that those who come across this guide find it helpful, and are encouraged to use the resources available to make long-lasting and sustainable change.

Guest blog by Aliya Brown, Enterprise Community Partners

For questions or suggestions, please reach out to aliyabrown@enterprisecommunity.org

To learn more about Enterprise Community Partners and their Green Funding and Resources for NYC Multifamily Housing guide, please visit: https://www.enterprisecommunity.org/resources/green-funding-and-resources-new-york-city-affordable-multifamily-housing-13412

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