Meet Ashley Verhines, BEEx Programs Associate


My name is Ashley and I’m the new Programs Associate at BEEx.  I’m from Los Angeles and spend a great deal of my time reconciling cities and nature, and my love of the two. I’m always seeking out immaculate design.

  1. Share your favorite energy factoid.
    In Building Energy Exchange’s offices, we keep the lights off most of the day to allow natural daylight to stream in through our windows. Doing this for just two hours each day for a year in our roughly 5,000-square-foot space saves about 4,500 kWh of energy. This offsets the greenhouse gas emissions of sending one ton of waste to landfill and is the equivalent of recycling it instead!
  2. What energy conservation campaign would you start in your office or want to share with other offices?
    Mandatory naps for cranky coworkers. Or maybe, optional naps for non-cranky, just generally weary employees.
  3. What are you currently reading?
    I’m always kind of reading and re-reading “The Book of Disquiet,” by Fernando Pessoa. Maybe one day I’ll be able to read some of it in Portuguese.
  4. What are some ways you reduce your carbon footprint at home?
    Things like laundering clothes in cold water, turning off lights and unplugging appliances when I’m not using them, buying local goods and quality items meant to last, biking more, walking more, planning a little bit more.
  5. What is your personal superpower?
    I can beat myself up over little things, but I’m pretty calm in a crisis.

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