Charles (Chuck) Cameron is a Controls Specialist at Stan Deutsch Associates. Follow him on Twitter at @charles_SC2!

  1. Share your favorite energy factoid.
    In the U.S., about $8 billion of energy are attributed to plug loads and vampire outlets.
  2. What energy conservation campaign would you start in your office or want to share with other offices?
    I’d like to focus on the little things that unnecessarily use energy in the office. For example – cell phone chargers that remain plugged in throughout the day. One charger doesn’t draw much energy, but think about millions of them across the country! You may only consume 20 W [of energy] from leaving your charger plugged in, but how about when all 8 million residents in NYC do it? That’s a lot of energy in one hour. I would want to create an educational campaign about simple tasks people can do to save energy – like unplugging your chargers – that will lead to a daily habit.
  3. What are you reading right now?
    I just finished a book by Samuel Greengard called the The Internet of Things. It illustrates how devices that we use on a daily basis – smart phones, sensors, cloud computing – communicate with one another and how technology innovation will continue to influence and spur new functions. Similar to how your phone can now communicate with a watch. With countless connections between devices, there are different ways to use that information. You can track people within a space, know when offices are in use and understand if occupants prefer a warmer or colder workspace. This all translate into behavioral integration with technology.
  4. What are some ways you reduce your carbon footprint at home?
    My family and I really embrace the organics collection from NYC Sanitation. There’s a city program in my neighborhood, through which we can put out compost waste in these special bins and leave it on the curb for pick-up. There are other things we practice at home, like not turning on the lights in the morning. We spent one summer without turning on the air conditioner – mainly because I didn’t fix it, but that definitely lowered our energy and environmental footprint!
  5. What is your personal super power?
    I’ve actually thought about this for a while. I am able to explain complicated concepts on both simple and complex levels. Especially with my kids, I always illustrate lighting concepts and slowly increase the complexity of my explanations.

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