Jill Anderson is the Senior Vice President Public Affairs & Business Development. She is passionate about energy, driven to encourage young women and men to pursue STEM careers, addicted to running, and loves spending time in public parks.

  1. Share your favorite energy factoid.
    Every hour enough of the sun’s energy reaches the Earth’s surface to meet the world’s energy requirements for a whole year. Source.
  2. What energy conservation campaign would you start in your office or want to share with other offices? For example, pulling up the shades to maximize daylight.
    New technologies are making it easier to save energy without impacting business operations or residential convenience and comfort. At NYPA’s headquarters building, we recently started installing devices between wall outlets and office appliances plugs, like copiers and water coolers. The devices turn the machines off when not in use. Results are already promising in our initial deployment. During the month of April 2015 (our first full month of energy savings data), we saved 393 kWh and averaged 38% less energy than before.  This program is currently in the pilot stage and has been implemented on the 5th and 10th floors at NYPA’s White Plains office.
  3. What are you reading right now? (Doesn’t have to be related to energy) 
    I have an unfortunate habit of reading numerous books at the same time. I just finished The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn. I also enjoyed starting Matthew Inman’s comic book The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances, as it helped to inspire me for my next run.
  4. What are some ways you reduce your carbon footprint at home? (Such as composting or not using plastic bags.
    We used cloth diapers exclusively with my daughter. I wish I could take credit for being the environmental driving force at home, but it was my husband’s idea, and I was skeptical. We just finished with diapers, and I am proud that we used cloth for her entire life – even while traveling. I advocate the cloth option to new parents.
  5. What is your personal superpower?
    Focus. Being a senior executive at the New York Power Authority, a mom of a toddler, and a wife, my life is filled with responsibilities, demands, and emergencies – then there is the completely unexpected. While communication technologies provide advantages, they also seem to accelerate time and make everything feel more urgent and hectic. I make my days productive because I have the ability to concentrate fully on what needs to be done at a particular moment or in a designated time frame. This “superpower” skill-set makes me appear calm on the outside and enables me to successfully work through what is invariably a very busy daily agenda at work and home.

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