Building Energy Exchange and the Passive House Network offer an array of courses on the Passive House building standard as part of their comprehensive Passive House training pathway, supporting New York State’s carbon reduction commitments.

The Passive House Summer School is a month-long campaign spreading awareness of the high-performance, low-energy building standard through live and on-demand educational offerings for learners of all types—from those new to Passive House to seasoned industry professionals. Passive House design is proven to radically decrease energy demand in buildings while improving occupant comfort, health, and well-being. In a series of free deliveries, both live and on demand, learn how to get ahead of changing building codes and reduce carbon emissions.

The Summer School is relevant to all building industry professionals, from tradespeople to real estate agents, property managers, architects, and engineers. Mix and match the courses that are right for you, or take them all.

Access our on-demand courses for free with discount code PHSUMMER starting August 1, or see the live delivery summer school schedule below:

8/2, 1-2pm: Passive House Primer (1 AIA LU | HSW)
An introductory course that reviews the key principles of the Passive House building standard.

8/4, 1-2pm: Passive House Construction Primer (1 AIA LU | HSW)
An introductory course on the Passive House building standard that is uniquely tailored for tradespeople, contractors, and other technical building professionals.

8/9, 1-2pm: Passive House Fundamental: Airtightness (1 AIA LU | HSW)
Learn how to achieve a continuous airtight barrier in projects, essential to achieving high indoor air quality, balanced heating and cooling demand, and Passive House certification.

8/16, 1-2pm: Passive House Fundamental: Energy Recovery Ventilation (1 AIA LU | HSW)
Learn about balanced ventilation systems with energy recovery that provide a constant flow of fresh, filtered air while reducing energy use.

8/18, 1-2pm: Passive House Project Process (1 AIA LU | HSW)
Understand the steps necessary for certifying a retrofit or new construction project to the International Passive House standard.

8/23, 1-2pm: Passive House Fundamental: Insulation & Thermal Bridging (1 AIA LU | HSW)
Learn about insulation materials and thermal bridges -conductive spots that undermine thermal performance.

8/30, 1-2pm: Passive House Fundamental: Windows & Doors (1 AIA LU | HSW)
Learn how to select and install high performance window and door products without compromising aesthetics.


This training was developed in partnership with PHN– the Passive House network – as part of a comprehensive pathway of Passive House education and certification. Learn more about PHN’s courses here.



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