Thursday December 9th, 2021
9:00 am to 10:00 am

Due to a technical error, the presentation portion of this session was not recorded. Below is the Q+A portion from the session on December 9th.

A presentation of similar material, from Anthony Montalto, Dr. Marwa Zaatari, and Christian Weeks, delivered at the 2021 Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) Conference. Watch the recording here.

Q&A from BE-Ex and ASHRAE NY event, "Performance-Based Ventilation Design for Health, Efficiency, & Compliance," on December 19, 2021.

Join BE-Ex and ASHRAE New York for a presentation on designing and operating buildings for both indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Learn how to achieve healthy, energy efficient buildings using ASHRAE’s performance-based ventilation standard and innovative contaminant control techniques, and how this design approach helps with Local Law 95 and 97 compliance.

For decades, the drive for energy efficiency took priority over indoor air quality (IAQ). With COVID, the pendulum swung in the direction of IAQ. As we emerge from the pandemic and prepare to meet increasingly stringent building performance standards, we need to design and operate buildings that meet strict IAQ standards and heightened energy efficiency targets.

This session provides a pathway for balancing IAQ and energy efficiency using ASHRAE’s performance-based ventilation standard, the Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP), with sorbent air cleaning technology that saves energy by controlling contaminants of concern with lower ventilation rates.

Anthony M. Montalto, PE, LEED AP, Partner at JB&B
Dr. Marwa Zaatari, ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and Partner at D-ZINE Partners
Christian Weeks, CEO, enVerid Systems

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