Pratt Ice Box Challenge: Empowering Tomorrow’s High Performance Designers

Pratt Institute and BE-Ex are excited to announce the Ice Box Challenge Exhibit. This innovative challenge highlights the pivotal role of architecture in climate action and emphasizes sustainable building practices.

The Ice Box Challenge, involves comparing the performance of two ice boxes—one built using standard construction methods and the other using high-performance, sustainable building techniques. The goal is to see which box better preserves its ice content over a period of time, visually demonstrating the benefits of energy-efficient design.

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presenting students

Kelsey Delahunt

Jeremias Emestica

Khushali Jain

Tyler Haas

Yuxin Li

Emerald Liang

Angie Widjaja

Maxwell Wolfe

Shruti Sridhar

Vivian Weiwei Sun

about the exhibit

It will feature exhibition of the models, speeches from leading experts in the field of sustainable architecture and the students whose work will be featured. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with students and faculty, learn about the latest trends in green building, and see firsthand the tangible impact of sustainable design practices.


The Pratt Ice Box Challenge exhibit is funded in part by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

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