Thursday May 7th, 2020
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

While the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, in-person programs at the Building Energy Exchange are postponed.  Please join us for this live online interview. Streaming details will be sent via Zoom to registered participants prior to the event.

Whether you are a designer, policy maker or developer-Passive House is dominating conversations on high performance buildings. Only a few years ago most of us considered Passive House an obscure German project–an unconventional and slightly strange way of looking at buildings. Fast forward to 2020 and it is hard to overstate the primacy of Passive House as a subject in building policy and development circles. The benefits of the Passive House approach are now apparent to virtually everyone concerned with the performance of buildings, and the principles of the standard are being slowly absorbed into the regulatory ecosystem of codes and laws that dictate the design of buildings.

Few people in North America are more knowledgeable about the implementation of Passive House than our guests for episode 2 of Radio BE-Ex: Lois Arena of Steven Winter Associates, and Monte Paulsen of RDH. Both have been at the forefront of applying Passive House to the largest buildings, and the most diverse typologies, both new construction and deep retrofits. Join us for a wide ranging discussion on the future of Passive House in North America–where it is likely to be applied immediately, and where its implementation still presents major challenges.

Yetsuh Frank,
Building Energy Exchange

Lois Arena,
Director,Passive HouseServices, Steven Winter Associates
Monte Paulsen, Passive House Specialist, RDH Building Science


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