Thursday August 13th, 2015
9:00 am to 10:30 am

Storms! Floods! Heat Waves! A Discussion of Climate Change Impacts in NYC - Video Excerpt Sea-level rise in NYC

Storms! Floods! Heat Waves! A Discussion of Climate Change Impacts in NYC

The Building Energy Exchange does summer blockbusters a little differently than Hollywood.  We cover some of the same subject matter- storms, floods, and droughts- but ours is a sober scientific discussion that focuses on resolve and resourcefulness rather than panic.

Join the Building Energy Exchange for a presentation and discussion of the 2015 report from the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC)  and how the NYC Office of Recovery & Resiliency (NYC ORR) is integrating the reports findings into their work.  The NPCC 2015 report, titled
Building the Knowledge Base for Climate Resiliency, reviews and assesses New York City’s resiliency to the expected impacts of climate change, which will likely include increases
of annual temperatures, levels of precipitation, and sea level in the next century. These climate trends continually increase the risks for the City’s people, economy, and infrastructure. Recognizing climate change as a significant threat, the City is currently developing a broad range
of climate resiliency policies and programs, as well as the knowledge base to support them. The report explores the implications and strategies for the City to adapt its physical and social infrastructure quickly and effectively to adapt to climate change.

In the immediate aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the NPCC’s scientific input informed the City’s 2013 report, A Stronger, More Resilient New York. With this report NYC ORR
established a long-range resiliency roadmap for the City. With its miles of shorelines and large low-lying areas, the City finds itself in an age of rapidly increasing climate risk –
which makes the integration of climate science and policy vital for climate resilience, mitigation and adaptation.

Our discussion will survey the key findings from the NPCC report and how they are currently being integrated into the work of NYC ORR and addressed in policy agendas dealing with climate resiliency and public health.

Dr. Radley Horton, one of the lead authors of the NPCC 2015 Report, will present a high-level overview of the report’s key takeaways. In addition, Dana Kochnower of the Office of Recovery & Resiliency will provide an update on the Stronger, More Resilient New York roadmap and discuss how the latest NPCC release is informing NYC ORR’s strategy and priorities. A moderated discussion of New York City’s vulnerabilities related to sea level rise and increased coastal storm
activity with speakers and the audience will follow.

Chris Garvin, Managing Partner, Terrapin Bright Green

Dr. Radley Horton, Associate Research Scientist, Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University
Dana Kochnower, Senior Policy Advisor, Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency 

8:30 Registration & Coffee
9:00 Welcoming Remarks
9:05 Presentation by Dr. Radley Horton
9:35 Presentation by Dana Kochnower
10:05 Moderated Audience Discussion
10:30 Close

Building the Knowledge Base for Climate Resiliency, published in February 2015 by the New York City Panel on Climate Change, reviews climate trends and future projections for the City of New York from 2013 to 2100. The report documents recent observations of increasing annual temperatures, levels of precipitation, and sea level rise. These trends are expected to continue—posing significant threats in terms of social and environmental risks and impacts. This report proposes a series of adaptation strategies to increase the City’s resiliency against these projected climate change hazards. Learn more about the report here.

Special thanks to our Programs Committee for organizing this event. 


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