Tuesday December 20th, 2016
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Lighting Design Process

Join IESNYC for The Lighting Design Process.

This is an advanced-level seminar that will provide participants with an overview of the lighting design process. Participants will gain the tools to evaluate the quality of a lighting design, both on paper and in full realization, by studying the various elements that go in to an architectural lighting design. Participants will track design procedures from concept to focus, while simultaneously examining the relationship between the lighting designer and the building team with which they must interface.


  • Identify the goals of quality lighting design
  • Describe the lighting design process from concept to implementation
  • Analyze the tools utilized to create and organize a lighting design
  • Understand the documentation typically included in a lighting design at different phases
  • Examine the role of a lighting designer within building team

This event is organized by IESNYC. For more information including registration, visit their event pageĀ here.


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