Wednesday June 20th, 2018
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Tour of the Starrett-Lehigh Building

Join the Building Energy Exchange for an exclusive tour of the Starrett-Lehigh building. Mitchell Grant, Operations Manager with RXR Realty, the building owner, will provide a tour of the building and the energy conservation measures adopted since 2014, including major improvements to lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, and controls systems. The tour will provide a look at the building’s gravity water tanks, cooling tower, wireless thermostat heating system, LED lighting, rooftop garden, compost system, and more.

Note: This tour will begin in the lobby of the Starrett-Lehigh building.

About the Starrett-Lehigh Building

At 2.3 million square feet, 19 floors ranging from 18,326 – 165,656 square feet, and a landmarked architectural design by Cory & Cory Architects, Starrett-Lehigh is one of New York City’s largest landmark properties with a history of attracting world-class creative companies and elite brands. Encompassing a full city block bounded by West 26th and West 27th Streets between 11th and 12th Avenues, Starrett-Lehigh stands as a monument of early 1930’s industrial and modernist architecture in New York City.

In 1986, Starrett-Lehigh was declared a New York City Landmark and in 2008 was designated part of the West Chelsea Historic District. Innovative in its design and construction, Starrett-Lehigh is considered one of the finer examples of international style in architecture. Its modern and streamlined design prompted its inclusion by the Museum of Modern Art in the International Exhibition of Modern Architecture in 1932.

In 2011, RXR Realty assumed ownership and management of the building and embarked on a multi-year, 50+ million-dollar repositioning program to further align Starrett-Lehigh as one of New York City’s leading properties for its ever-expanding creative-class workforce.

Celebrate NYC is a program series sponsored by National Grid, showcasing some of the most prominent energy efficient building renovations and retrofits included in the Celebrate NYC exhibit, currently on display at the Building Energy Exchange.


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