Tuesday October 27th, 2015
9:00 am to 10:30 am

What Gets Measured Gets Done: Beyond M&V - Full Length Video

What Gets Measured Gets Done: Beyond M&V

Energy efficiency projects continue to be a focus for building owners, engineers, and other key building stakeholders. Upgrading systems like lighting, HVAC, and lighting controls can yield significant cost and energy savings but once a project is completed, how do we measure the success of our efforts? More importantly, how do we sustain those savings and identify additional opportunities?

Join Building Energy Exchange for a discussion of the strategies and tools to interpret data and continuously optimize a building’s performance through proper tracking and dashboarding. Gregg Fischer of Trane Comprehensive Solutions will discuss the challenges and benefits of the continuous M&V process through the lens of their successful projects.

Dan Palino of New Water Street Corp will discuss the continuous commissioning process at 55 Water Street, the second largest privately owned office building in the United States. Containing a state-of-the-art thermal storage chiller plan, the building’s management team is committed to delivering the highest level of building performance in order to benefit the environment and its tenants. From active monitoring and alarm tools to dynamic visualization of thousands of data points, the team is turning data into building intelligence to create a high performance building.

Chris Jones, Intelligent Services Leader, Trane

Gregg Fischer, PE, LEED AP O+M, Product Developer, Comprehensive Solutions, Trane
Dan Palino, Vice President of Building Systems, New Water Street Corporation

Special thanks to our Programs Committee for organizing this event.


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