Tuesday May 18th, 2021
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Grab your beverage and snack of choice and meet us online for the next WISE Media Club, on May 18th from 6:00-7:00pm. (*Note: Space is limited to preserve a participation-based discussion format. Please notify us 24-hours in advance if you will be unable to attend.)

To start this community conversation, we will be discussing content curated from the All We Can Save Project about inclusive climate feminism: an article detailing the crucial expertise women can bring to climate conversations they are often excluded from, and an interview about the importance of indigenous wisdom in climate action & policy. These resources will contribute to a broader discussion around being an advocate and ally for inclusive and representative climate action.

BE-Ex staff will kick off the conversation and help to facilitate an interactive discussion among attendees. We look forward to hearing from you– please come prepared to share thoughts on the following items:

1. “Why We Need More Women Leading The Fight For The Planet” by Katharine K. Wilkinson and Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Women and girls are clear “agents for change” in the climate movement, with higher advocacy rates than men for environmental policies, and bear a greater burden in emergency response and survival strategies in the face of growing climate impacts. Despite the expertise women provide in climate change conversations, they are often excluded. This article ultimately argues: “We need feminine and feminist climate leadership, which is wide open to people of any gender.”

2. “All We Can Save: Why We Must Learn from Indigenous Wisdom,” interview with Sherri Mitchell (Land Peace Foundation) and Tara Houska (Giniw Collective)

This interview with attorneys and activists Tara Houska (Giniw Collective, policy advisor and advocate for tribal nations) & Sherri Mitchell (Founder + Executive Director, Land Peace Foundation) touches on the importance of opposing destructive societal norms by listening & applying indigenous lessons to advocate for protection of nature and aligning policy mechanisms with life-sustaining indigenous principles for climate mitigation and adaptation.

The “WISE Media Club” was developed in March 2020 as a creative way to keep the WISE (Women in Sustainability & Energy) community spirit alive and to facilitate remote interaction during this time of social distancing. This recurring, monthly media club will cover female-developed podcasts, videos, and articles that touch on climate action, the built environment, and new challenges and opportunities created by the COVID pandemic. We’re excited to continue to offer this platform and look forward to seeing and hearing from the community.

The WISE Media Club is not a panel or presentation, rather an interactive forum. We hope all participants will come prepared with ideas & questions about the media item and will keep their cameras turned on, allowing for more fluid conversation between group members.


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