Tuesday August 3rd, 2021
12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Join Building Energy Exchange and Gotham 360 for a Women in Sustainability & Energy (WISE) series panel discussion about the future of New York climate policy and building decarbonization.

What does the future of building decarbonization and climate policy look like for New York? What role does technology play in meeting our climate goals, and how do we optimize equity, environmental and social justice, and economic growth in our post-pandemic recovery? The Building Energy Exchange WISE Series and Gotham 360 will speak with leading industry experts about the future of climate policy and building decarbonization for New York State, in line with meeting New York’s ambitious climate goals.


Sarah Gilly, Senior Program Director, Energy & Sustainability, Gotham 360

Uchenna Bright, Northeast Advocate, E2
Ruth Gratzke, President, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Elizabeth Kelly, Senior Policy Advisor, Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability
Stephanie Margolis, Executive Director, NYC Climate Action Alliance



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  • Women in Sustainability & Energy
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